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Estate Planning

'Knowledge is Power'
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Use our online retirement planning guide to assist in making critical decisions regarding your estate plan.
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Making Arrangements

It's up to you to help prepare family memebers for your death. That includes making sure they know where to find your personal records. This will prevent delays in carrying our your wishes.

It's not easy to talk about your final wishes - funeral and burial arrangements, and the distribution of your estate to your heirs. But to avoid surprises and ensure your wishes are carried out, let your spouse and family know how you want your estate distributed, let them know where your will is located and introduce them to your professional advisors.

It's a good idea to keep some assets that are easily cashable. This ensures cash is available to pay bills and burial expenses so your heirs won't be forced to sell assets to pay off debts.

Keeping your important papers together

You may already have all your important papers stored together in a safe, easily accessible place. Be sure to include your:

-> insurance policies
-> RRSP's
-> pension funds
-> will
-> bonds and stocks
-> investment records
-> property deeds
-> birth and marriage certificates
-> a copy of your social insurance card
-> records of cash on hand and particulars of bank accounts
-> the location of the keys to your safe deposit box
-> a list of your assets

Consult with experts

The best advice we can give you on estate planning is to consult with experts, including your accountant, and lawyer. As well, your financial planner can help to coordinate your planning efforts and recommend financial products to help you meet your goals.

Preparing a will

Your will is perhaps the single most important document you will ever sign. It is a legally enforceable declaration of how you want your possessions distributed after your death. It allows you to determine who will receive your assets and in what portion. In this way, it safeguards your interests, especiallly if family memebers disagree on the division of your assets.

The best time to prepare a will is now. Too often people leave it until the last minute - before a trip or major surgery - and are forced to make decisions quickly.

McNally Financial and Insurance Group - Retirement Planning, Estate Planning and Insurance Services
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